26 January 2012

In The Land Of Giants (part 1)

This is General Sherman. The largest Sequoia tree.

Gen. Sherman is the Tallest tree in the world! Seriously, it is. It's hard to get a good picture of all it to put it into perspective.

On the way out of Sequoia Nat'l Forest you can drive between these trees. I think the redwoods are the ones you can drive through...
Half way down the mountain. They were doing construction so there was just a tiny sliver of road to drive on, one way! This offered lots of time to get out and take pictures while you waited for traffic from the other way to come by.

16 December 2011

Christmas in my Neighborhood

No snow but hanging ornaments and Christmas lights makes it feel a little bit more like THE season

Life-size statues at the church across from my house. The camel makes me laugh because he's smiling.

Odd...I don't know why but this is the only house with greenery.

They also had animatronic deer. I thought I was hallucinating when they started moving.

I think this house has Jewish lights...or blue snowflakes.

Notice the square snowman...there are a lot of these around. Californians don't know snowman are really round.

You can't really see but there's a giant palm tree to the right.

To quote the 90s poet ODB "Big Baby Jesus and I can't wait."

A few doors down. These 2 houses also had great Halloween decorations

Beach in December?!?!

This is Abalone cove beach.
It's rocky in some areas and sandy in others.

Lots 'o' muscles

I wanted to go into this cave but the tides were in , so I couldn't get  in unless I didn't want to come back out...ever

This water is so clean and clear.

I did try to grab the starfish but their really strong and I couldn't pick them up.

That little blue-green dot is a porta-potty...From there I walked on rocks and waded through tide pools to get  this picture.

Starfish and Sea anemones