31 May 2007

Transporation and food and the first day

Two words: Beef Stew. That was one of the delicious meal served on the plane. I told myself I wasn't going to eat any food on the plane but I did. It was less than appetizing but somehow I ate it. Getting through customs and too my new apartment wasn't too bad.

My apartment isn't too bad but it'll do for now until I can find something else. The roomates are nice guys (Ed and Bob). Ed has been helping me settle in and showing me around. We went to the neighborhod grocery store and got breakfast. I bought some banana and some breakfast thing that had Inari sushi, rice with egg, and 2pc of futo maki (sushi basically). The bananas cost as much as the sushi did but still pretty cheap (only about $3 each!).

Alot of the restaurants around here are yakiniku (like Korean BBQ) or Okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is like a crepe or pancake with onions and other random ingredients. It's good and cheap. So I think I will be happy in terms of eating.

I went around today looking to pick up some minor items since my luggage wont be delivered until friday. Just the necessacities. There is some place called America Maru nearby that has a bunch of "american" shops. I think I am going to check that out later. It should be interesting. Also I guess Breakdancing is really popular and kids will break dance all night over near the mall area. So an interesting night is in store.

I still need to find a place to work-out. There is this little alley behind my apartment building which seems pretty good but I'm on the look out for a park or something of that nature.


29 May 2007

I can't say "Goodbye!" anymore

So the past few days in The States have been fun. I have gotten to see alot of people I don't normally get a chance to hang out with and people I haven't seen in awhile. However, I can't say goodbye anymore. I'm gone. If you didn't get a chance to wish me farewell, you have to come to Japan and say "hello".
As all of the well-wishing and farewell parties went on, I began thinking this will probably be the last time I have . So I tried to eat alot of typical American things. For Example, Late night Denny's (Grand Slam Breakfast - Pancake, sausage, bacon and Eggs 2 of each), A Wendy's frosty, Food from the Library Pub (Cajun Burger, fries, chicken tenders, and more fried things)....that was all in one night.
I ate half a cheesecake today and that was not a good idea...I felt a little sick when I went out later to say one more goodbye to Someone at right Around 4:30pm who I'll be hanging out with in Japan. We checked out all the memorial day going-ons in Hines park. Just soaking in the Americana. The weather has been great in helping create great images for my memories. I won't have the luscious green parks and general greenery in Osaka...

25 May 2007


Welcome and Goodbye. Welcome to my blog where the main topic of discussion will be food. Goodbye to family and friends and AMERICA.
The past week has been a great way to say goodbye. 60+hr work weeks coming to a sudden halt. It was like I just reached the top of that first massive hill on a roller coaster then the rest is flying by so fast. Katie's graduation. Fishing and frogging at grandma and grandpaw's. 10hr drive back. and lots of food. I had two dinners today...everyone wants to feed me. I have not qualms with it.

And a bit of advice for those of you with allergies eat 3-5 Ice cream snickers bars in one sitting.

It's better than claritin.