26 June 2008

.....boo!....just killing :)

This is an intersting shrine under a hill and it always has lots of water flowing out of it. Which makes it kind of mysterious and intriguing.

Ants in my pants!

お久しぶり as they say here in Japan (means long time no see). So really nothing exciting going on recently. I have just be studying Japanese everyday and teaching English in between. It really makes a huge difference when you are submersed in the language and the culture you are studying. This week I went and took some pictures of my neighborhood per request from Mommy dearest.
So this is my mighty steed, Icarus. It was bestowed upon me by a fallen ally from the Nova era. It has made many trips. And despite it's ricketiness I can still match pace with cars while I roll down the mountain hills. It also gets me to school on time in the morning. I could ride the train but the schools are all pretty close by.
Alot of the houses in the area are pretty nice, for old old houses. The area used to be pretty wealthy a long time ago because it was famous for it's textiles in particular the fabrics used for Kimonos. Now a days it's just a decaying shell of what it once was. But still some of these hoses are amazing.

This one is right across from my house. It has a really cool garden(as most houses do here) just behind the walls.
This is the best pictures I could get of the gargantuan house/temple looking residence. There's , of course this huge bell , but the "house" it-self is amazing. I'm sure it's a couple hundred years old.
Then there's my sweet LeoPalace apartment. Sticks out like a sore thumb. Pretty gaudy but the inside is nice :)
Guess how much this pizza cost? $30 And it's about a small size in the US (it's actually medium size in Japan)

Yes my shoes are awesome but so was the giant turtle I found when I was wandering around.
Yep, I definitely live in the country.
If you look close there are 3 military-esque choppers in the sky. I think there is a base near somewhere nearby where they build giant robots. Actually, Japan has been doing alot of military maneuvers recently. They were just doing some training scenarios with the chinese Navy the other day (for the first time since WW1). Also, they have been sending a lot of the "self-defense" troops abroad for "humanitarian aid".
It's Japan. There's Bamboo trees.

This is a shrine nearby. Not really that interesting to be honest. The ambiance was nicer. The moutain water flowing and the sound of the birds reminds me again I live in the country.
Here's some water sounds for you.

The post office is straight ahead and across from that is the police station. I actually live about a 10min bike ride away from here but as you can see this is where all the fun stuff goes on.
Mountains and the Kinokawa (Kino river). There is a big festival soon for the river and another festival to celebrate the river monster called Kappa. I am totally going to both.

The sun is setting on this blog entry.Keep checking back and find out what this dude is staring at....
Peace out!