18 October 2011

Now where was I...

I've been traipsing around L.A. county for almost 3 months now. Time keeps it's continuous flow unlike the seasons here. At least, the seasons I'm used to in Michigan. Perhaps, the o so subtle changing of the seasons is why I haven't realized it's almost been 3 months and I haven't kept up on my part of the agreement. You have a part too and you are already fulfilling it by reading this. Ergo, I'm fulfilling my part by writing this.

So I've been occupying my time outside of work getting a feel for my community, Old Torrance. It's a very nice and quiet neighborhood. However, there's not much to it. So, just this past weekend, I went to the getty museum. Of course, to get there on a Saturday, it took over an hour for a trip that would normally take 30min. Complaining aside, it was an adventure to a new part of town I had yet seen.

Once parked deep in the cavernous parking area, the tram up the mountain awaited. A quick but scenic ride up offered views like this:

Once at the top there were different building to enter and see ART.

They seemed to have a lot of french art/things...actually some of that is Japanese but Asia had an influence in things even back then.

I like these paintings a lot. the DIA has a bunch as well.

There are lots of stairs (and elevators but I took the stairs). 2nd floor to the first floor down to the viewing areas.

Then to the Garden!I should have taken more pictures of the interesting things they had in the garden but I was enjoying it too much to. So, If you come to LA we can go here and enjoy it again.