25 September 2007

京都 And 東京

Two cities... too far apart... too many things to do...to and from about 2 hours....

So I went to Tokyo last weekend. It was nice and relaxing. I actually went way out into the countryside nowhere near Tokyo for Sunday and just enjoyed the mass amounts of greenery out there. Something I'm starting to forget about due to the concrete jungle, Osaka, where I rest my head. I met my friends and we went canoing and just generally enjoying the pleasant weather. We also ate some great Yakiniku! I to the bullet train there and it took about 2 hours from Osaka. So not a bad day trip. Although I hear the airplane is faster. There aren't the security checks like there are in the US. In and out like it should be. Ill post some pictures as soon as I get them.

Yesterday I went to Kyoto and met up with yet another friend from Michigan who has returned to Japan. From Osaka to Kyoto is only about 30min on the super express train (it transforms that's why its super) . Somehow I always get the luck of the draw. My friend and I got a guided tour from our Taxi driver. He took us to ginkakuji, which is really amazing. The feeling you get when you are looking around is very calming. There was a slight drizzle of rain which just made everything seem that much more peaceful. There are about 8-10 special mosses that they use to cover the grounds. They are very soft and fuzzy (^_^)

After the guided tour of Ginkaku-ji we stopped and I paid the taxi driver with some ice cream. Of course I had some too. Then he dropped us off in Gion. It is a very "Japanese" district, if you will, filled with restaurants and shops. My friend and I ended up stopping at a restaurant were you cook your food (chicken, fish, mushrooms, etc.) on a hot rock. Interesting and delicious! We both decided our visit was too short so we made a promise to come back when the leaves start to change colors (Supposedly in November sometime). I waved goodbye as my friend headed back to Tokyo and I went on my way back to Osaka...to work (-_-) I'm thinking of changing my shift in a month. I feel like I am aging at double speed.

19 September 2007

Millions of Peaches....not for free

I just bought two peaches for 720 yen ($6) just to see what they taste like......Northville farmer's market is better.

12 September 2007

Don't pee in other people's showers

Recently, I have just been in the groove of things; the ebb and flow of the city life here in Osaka. I found this nice tearoom near my house, I think, its owned by an American and his wife. They have good simple lunch food there. I'm trying to make it a habit to go there every week after my Japanese lesson because it's close by and gives me a chance to review all the stuff I just learned. The place is quiet and it seems most of the customers are taxi drivers.

Taxi drivers in Japan are a bit different than the grungy cabbies in the US. Mostly the difference lies in their external appearance as they dress with bowties and vests or suit jackets. To top it off they wear white gloves. Beyond that they just seem like regular Japanese dudes.

So I am planning on heading to Tokyo this coming weekend and meet up with an old friend from Ann Arbor. Also I am trying to plan an outing to Iga. There is supposedly a ninja village out there.

One last thing....what the heck is this?!?!?! If you find out and leave me a message I'll send you a prize. I see every time I go to my "other" job.