07 November 2008

Pooping is such sweet sorrow... Part 2

I hang out with Ninjas too.
Heck yeah I can throw Shruriken!
But it makes my butt itchy!
Oh Yeah....I am an elite member of a special Samurai corp. (it took 3 min to put all that on.)
These people were just visitors...they didnt work at this place...
Cosplay anyone? Do you know what anime there people are dressed up from?
Hey a golden Temple!

OK off to the next adventure...

Pooping is such sweet sorrow...

Lots of pictures!

Where have I been? What have I been doing? Maybe this will help you imagine.

Me atop Rokko Moutain!
A really nice cluster of cafes and gift shops seen from from atop....

....this tower..yes that's a Christmas wreath.What a view! Nice moutain air but also cold!

Me wondering when we are going to eat some cake!
purdy sunset!
Lamb or Ram...the menu said Ramu so wasnt sure because japanese dont have the letter "L" in it. It was a little gamey but tastey none the less.
Yes christmas lights!Then we came to Eiga Mura in Kyoto. Where they film samurai movies and people like to Cosplay. I could never be a noble in the old days of Japan. I cant fit in the fun little carriers.Yeah I hang out with Samurais sometiemes