11 February 2008

Uhh its some holiday or something

So Monday (today) is a holiday. I think Japanese independence day. So I went and had some fun yesterday. I met up with Sarah earlier in the afternoon in Sannomiya. We ate some indian food that was a bit on the pricey side. However, It tasted pretty good. I hate the fact you have to pay for Nan here in Japan. After we met up with her friend Emily. We continued shopping for random things when we finally decided to go to starbucks and order coffee. We sat outside and made our own Irish coffee. Cheap whisky and sweet starbucks coffee equals not so tasty. We then made our way into Chinatown. There was a New year's celebration but we missed it...We just wandered up and down the street checking out all the food that was being sold by the street vendors. We then continued towards a turkish restaurant where we were to meet another friend, Brandon. I have met Brandon a few times before but never really talked. Turns out we both work for the same company. The world really is a small place. It was Brandon's friend's birthday party at the Turkish place so there was cake and a free round of some kind of shot. We chatted away until yet another friend popped up, Michelle. By this time the air in the small bar (typical size in Japan) was basically like smoking cigarettes. I wanted to leave but I didnt want to be rude. Thankfully it was time for everyone to catch their last train home. Michelle and I live a few stops away from eachother and Sarah and Emily live in the exact opposite direction. So, we parted ways and headed home. However, The one train line that Michelle and I could take straight home was closed. We had to take another line that takes us to our respective areas but, for me it's about a 20min walk from the station to my house. I didnt care I just wanted to go home. I ran some of the way and realized how poor my cardio had become. I should be running at least 3 times a week but stress from my different jobs has been affecting me. As well as my poor diet. At least I am eating more regularly now. Now I just need to eat more healthily. Things to work on in the coming week; diet and cardio exercise.