30 August 2007

I spend Gs E'ryday like it's my birfday.

I still get mixed up when I talk to people about how much things cost. "I just bought some food for a thousand bucks." I meant 1000円(yen). So about 1000 yen equals about 9 bucks plus or minus. I bought chopped up watermelon for 680円。 Yeah, i think I mentioned it before fruit is crazy expensive here. I need to start planting some seeds.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me birthday wishes and champagne dreams....!? I will take photographic evidence of my enjoyment of the various gifts. So what am I doing on my birthday in Japan? Well, I am going to go see an apartment in Tennoji and then go exercise in the park. It's gotten a little cooler recently so I won't evaporate while I'm out there. I'm sure I'll go check out some cake shops too.

Here are some pictures of my recnet trip to the beach with some friends.

Yes I realize this doesn't look like a beach but the camera man is facing the wrong direction. We were hiding under the boardwalk from the sun.


Christopher said...

Happy Birthday Kiyyaad!! Cheers to another great year ahead of you and more delectable discoveries.

Dawn & Chris

James said...

Get a haircut, hippie!